Competition of "Forte di Fenestrelle"

Type: Sketch Design
Competition: attendance
Status: Completed
Year: 2008
Capacity: 135000 m²
Project team: Ugis Senbergs, Zgmars Jauja, Pedro Vieira, Linda Leitane, Agnese Aunina
Short Description:

The competition asked for ideas for the reinsertion of the Carlo Alberto Redoubt in the future of the Fortress of Fenestrelle complex. The proposal consists of a wooden knot which doubles as a sculptural element marking the entrance and as a bridge over the road that separates the Redoubt from the Fortress itself. The materiality of the wood seemed most appropriate both for the organic shape that was being proposed but also as a temporal contrast to the stone built structure that it pretended to enhance. The thick walls of the Redoubt would be stabilized and a new horizontally slabbed stone wall would close the building, giving it the formal coherence that it deserved.